Labor Incredibly Stupid.

I am stunned. Amazed. Incredibly speechless, so it’s lucky I can still type, hey.

With rents in this country going through the roof and the possibility of another interest rate rise, Labor have today announced a very *important* policy on how they’d like to waste some serious money.

FEDERAL Labor has promised to lavish $4.7 billion on what it described as a national broadband network in concert with the private sector.

This is why they are not in power, people who want to see an end to the Howard Government. Because, in an age when people are paying out huge amounts of money to landlords and cannot afford to buy their own homes, clearly it is majorly important that they be able to access the internet at faster speed. They won’t have anywhere to live, and all their computers will get rained on, and stuff, but thank God they will still have access to Pr0n and be able to download movies faster.

And in order to do this, they’re suddenly in favor of selling off the last of Telstra? Hello? Who the fuck are these people, and how did they get in charge of the Labor party?

They have no hope, again. They will not win, again, not with this kind of shit. And it’s true, the devil you know is vastly better than the devil you don’t who apparently has the priorities of a school kid.

Update January 10 2015

From Wikipedia

The Rudd Government estimated to the capital expenditure of the project initially to be A$43 billion.


And I thought 4.7 billion was bad!

Think of all the things that money could have been spent on.. :(

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