Probably you won’t respect me when I admit, I watch The View from time to time. Personally, I can’t stand Rosie for the most part. I think it’s because of her hair, it just really bugs me. A fringe would be a better choice, I think. She has too big a forehead.

On the other hand, I can’t stand Elisabeth’s one-eyed-ness about her political party. It’s been really apparent this week because they have been talking about torture, the torture that has been going on in various places including Afghanistan, Iraq, and that Guantawhatever however you spell it place which I think is in Cuba or something.

Elisabeth seems to think that it’s ok to torture people if it’s going to stop things like 9/11 happening. If people have information which could save people’s lives, then it’s perfectly fine to do very nasty things to them. And of course, cos her party has been in charge while all this is going on, none of it is their fault, they didn’t know, blah blah.

It makes me want to slap her, and clearly it makes Rosie want to slap her as well, so I’m not alone there. But I see it a lot of times – if people take one side, they want to defend everything that one side does all the time. There’s never a perfect political party, and they don’t do everything right all the time. So I think as a person, you have a responsibility to take the side of what *is* right, even if it is opposite to your views or the views of the side you support. And when it comes to elections, you have to do the right thing as far as choose the side which is representing the most right things at that particular election.

But me not being perfect either, in the past I have been holding a grudge when it comes to voting. I’ve been holding it for some years now, and people will probably know how I’ve been voting when I say, I remember 18% interest rates. As in, I have not been voting Labor, and nor am I likely to given their apparent not having a clue. That doesn’t mean I have been voting for the party in power, either though. There are other choices.

And in fact, in one election, I voted but my vote did not count. Somehow the electoral commission fucked me over and got my address wrong, then a few weeks later called me to tell me they were going to fine me for not voting! I was like, you have to be kidding. I voted. And when I went there, they had the right address for me, and you better make my vote count OR ELSE! That was one of the nastiest telephone conversations I ever had, I was swearing at that woman like Butch Driveshaft. Still to this day I don’t know how they messed it up but apparently they gave me the wrong voting slip or something because I did a postal vote.

This weekend we have an election. I’m really leaning towards a great party. It’s called The Fishing Party. They say something that I really, truly believe in –

The Fishing Party is opposed to the massive export of our natural resources while the general public is forced to endure inferior imported products because international demand has forced the prices of our own seafood beyond the reach of the average Australian.

Yeah, I can get behind that. :)

Hey, didn’t I say I wasn’t going to post about politics here?

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