If I were Kevin’s Wife..

Apparently Kevin Rudd is going to have a “discussion” with his wife about whether or not she can continue to be a part of a business she created that has made her a millionaire. It’s yet another complete f*ck up in a long line of f*ck ups from a man who seemed to hold so much promise as the new leader of the Labor party. Kevin seems to be steering the Liberal party to yet another victory with his utter stupidity.

He has said the following –

“This one is tough because it affects her and her future,”

“I love my wife dearly and she’s built this up from scratch.

“So do you turn around and say: `Well, that’s the end of that, sweetheart’, or do you do it differently?”

“It’s a very hard decision to say to someone prior to an election – and we don’t know who’s going to win the election – `Offload the business’.

“This is the age of professional women who run their own companies, who have their own lives, and are not simply appendages of middle-aged men.”

I think she should turn around and say, thanks, it’s been fun, your stuff is all in garbage bags by the kerb, have a nice life, by the way you’re getting NONE of my money. It’s fairly clear from the quote above in purple that he thinks she is just an appendage who will do whatever he tells her to so he can have a better chance of winning the top job.

Hello? Women make up a large percentage of people in this country. Piss us off, and you’ve got f*ck all chance of winning the meat raffle at the local pub let alone the federal election. He may have a chick as his deputy but really K-Rudd may be all about keeping the women in the kitchen where they belong if it interferes with his job. It’ll be interesting to see what happens – I’m betting she has to give up her company. If he makes her do that, it’s all over for the Labor party as far as winning an election, so she’ll be jobless, and so will he.

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One thought on “If I were Kevin’s Wife..

  1. Does it have anything to do with conflict of interest? It’s hard to imagine how he could say such things publicly and not cause quite an uproar.

    Politicians in this country are always saying stupid things and most of us don’t even pay attention anymore but I didn’t know it happened in Australia, too!



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