Farewell Rosie.

Rosie O’Donnell has left The View. As little as 64 days ago I said here on this blog that I didn’t like her, but much like Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice, my view on Rosie has changed recently. I have a little secret to tell you. I’ve been watching The View at lunchtimes instead of the West Wing for about two months now and it’s all because of Rosie – and I have got to know, like and respect her.

She is a strong woman and people never take that well, as I am well aware. ;) She says what she thinks and she means it, and she stands her ground. People attack her – fox news really like attacking her, and I honestly have no respect for that entire tv channel now, not that I had a great deal before. People in the US should understand that most of us get Fox, and it represents itself as fair and balanced but it is not, and it is one more thing that is turning people against America across the world.

So I’m going back to watching the West Wing, the other half will be thrilled because he says the women on the view are noisy and all talk over each other. The show won’t be the same without Rosie, and it’ll become something lesser.

Elisabeth is convinced there are terrorists everywhere and based on her logic, you can look forward to the US military invading a country near you soon – perhaps even the one you’re living in now. Rosie is absolutely right – Iraq never attacked the US, and while I’m glad Saddam is gone for good because he wasn’t a good guy and he was doing some seriously bad stuff there, lies were told to get that war to happen. But it’s so much worse if a president sleeps with an intern – that’s a reason to impeach for sure!

This poor naive republican girl would stick by her political party regardless of what they do, all they have to do is say the word “terrorist” and she stops listening and starts patting people on the back for fighting them wherever they may be. I think she’s going to be seriously surprised when the Americans kick the republicans to the kerb at the next election.

If you take sides, and then your side does something wrong, you can’t just keep blindly backing them. That’s the bottom line.

Speaking of all things political, “Mrs Rudd” (she does not use that name, she goes by Ms Rein) was urgently called back home from London to have a discussion with Kevin about her business. A decision has to be made and I know we can all guess what that decision is going to be. The entire episode has been offensive to women – all women, whether they work or stay at home, he’s managed to piss them all off with his ill thought out comments. And when she comes out and says she will sell her part in the business, there will be outrage – and rightly so.

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