How can I stop?

One of the reasons I prefer to watch things on paytv if I can, is because they have set start and end times. Give me a DVD box set, say perhaps of an excellent show like The West Wing, and I might sit there and watch the pilot, and just one more, and just one more.. It’s good enough I could watch the entire 22 episode season in one sitting.

How did I miss watching this when it was on TV, again? Oh that’s right, the assholes at channel 9. ;) who played it whenever they felt like it. Well guess who’s in charge now? ;)

(I bought season two as well, just in case I needed it)

(and judging from current observations, I might, in a couple of days)

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One thought on “How can I stop?

  1. I had the same situation with Deadwood. I watched the first two seasons on DVD almost straight through over a three day period. Watching the third season on regular tv was like torture for me. Now I feel lost that it’s all over.

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