Sephy mentioned this today. Apparently it’s de-lurking week, when you take the time and stop by the folks you read in your Google Reader or Bloglines, and say hi. So say hi today :) I’ll have about 117 Hi’s to say, I’ll try to do it by the end of the week. hehe

I managed to stop (for now) at 6 episodes. It’s like a drug, people. I’m hooked.

I spoke with Anna Falactic about The West Wing a little while ago. I do think it is easier for a non-American to watch, because there’s a big distance between me and your politics. I really don’t know what the difference between a Democrat and a Republican is over there. But I don’t think The West Wing is so much about American Politics as it is about the people involved in the process. And I really like the characters.

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7 thoughts on “De-Lurk

  1. Is it okay to de-lurk even if I’m not technically lurking? I’m thinking ‘yes.’

    So – hi!

    And – 117?! I thought *my* ~20 site reading list was long. Now I can’t decide whether to be inspired or frightened.

    I am kidding of course; I’m definitely fri–

  2. I love the West Wing. If you like the writing or the characters you should watch Sudio 60 on the Sunset strip. Same writer/creator Aaron Sorkin. He rocks.


  3. Is it bad that ‘delurking’ sounds more like Ye Olde Star Trek term ‘decloaking’ to me?

    “Captain — Klingons delurking off the starboard nacelle!”

    Yes, it’s probably bad.

    (Do I get bonus points fer liking West Wing too, though?…)

    [WORD VERIFICATION: plahsfm — Scotty trying to say ‘plasma’ after one too many Romulan ales…]

  4. Thank you all for de-lurking! ;)

    Radioactive Jam – Frightened would be the choice I’d make unless you were using google reader, at which point reading 117 blogs is a relatively quick and simple process so you could be inspired instead ;)

    Manda Girl- I’ll have to wait for it to come out on DVD, I’m afraid. Because we have TV channels of evilness here.

    INC – Hi back at you. :) JB Hifi has them on special for 2 more days!

    Andrew Ironwood – No, I don’t think it is bad. :) And I think the same thing.

    Thanks everyone! And others may feel free to de-lurk too.. :)

  5. The West Wing is more like NBC’s former attempt at creating their ‘ideal’ White House :)

    Technically, I’m not delurking since I’ve posted before but hello anyways :)

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