Blue Triangles

Because everywhere we went yesterday is a holiday destination type place, there was a terrifying amount of numberplates with blue triangles on them. For those not Aussie, that means there was a lot of Victorians on the roads. The further south we went, the more there were. Tempting as it now is to crawl into bed and hide under the quilt until March or so, we have stuff to do, so I just have to try and hide my fear and horror.. ;)

I don’t think I’m too good at it because the automatic reaction when I see a blue triangle is to scream loudly “Victorians, keep away from them!”

No offense to my Victorian friends and readers, it’s just that you are scary on the roads. Might I suggest when you cross the border, you steal some numberplates from the state you’re visiting?

And to those unfortunate people who hired a car only to find it had Vic plates, you should have given the car back and walked.. ;) It probably would have been safer. For everyone.

Am I state-ist? ;) Sounds like it..

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