West Wing Special ends!

So yesterday I finished season one, and am currently leaving myself on a cliffhanger. I don’t know how long I’ll be hanging from the cliff, I do know that if I had been watching this on TV and had to wait the six months inbetween seasons that is normally left here, I would surely be going insane waiting. They left us with people shooting at the President and staff..

Lucky for me, I have season two sitting right there on the table, and so anytime I choose to stop hanging on the cliff, I can just put the DVD in. ;)

However I noted that the specials at JB Hifi for the West Wing would end on January 15th, and when I checked the price elsewhere it put a bit of panic into me – the usual price is $114.99. That’s what they sell it for everywhere else. When I checked the JB website yesterday it said there were 17 hours left on the special which didn’t quite work out right. However we thought we could go back today and get seasons 3,4 and 5 at the special price.

Then I checked the website this morning, and panic set in when I found the price had gone back to $114.99 at 2:15am! I grabbed the phone and called them right away, asked them to check the price, they still had it as $32.95 so I asked them to put those aside for me. By the time we drove there due to summer nitwit holiday traffic, the price had gone up on their system, lucky I called. She had to over-ride the price..

And now, I can watch seasons 2,3,4 and 5 in my own time, peacefully, as I like to. This is kick ass.. :)

If you can get the seasons for $32-33, I recommend you do so without delay.

I also took back the broken juice jug, so it was quite a good trip, but it took a lot longer than usual due to idiots on the road who seem to have forgotten how to drive at all.

And now we’re debating whether or not to go snorkelling. The weather looks nice, so we might just go.

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4 thoughts on “West Wing Special ends!

  1. It’s amazingly better when you are watching it in order because *shock* the writers have storylines that run across a bunch of episodes! But of course, the people in charge of programming at channel Nein would never have managed to watch the show long enough to work that out, I think. Anything longer than five minutes and their attention span is exhausted. Plus, they wouldnt have understood it, they would have thought it was too American and not of interest to Aussie viewers.

    In the 3rd episode of season two, watch out for a great speech by Jed Bartlet to some Dr Jenna chick, I just saw it and have to watch it again, it was fantastic ;)

    I am addicted now. I’m glad I didn’t miss it entirely.. :)

  2. Snoskred,

    Did you cry? I cried and cried and cried through my viewing of last ep of season 1 and first ep of season 2, all FIVE times I watched them (and surely another revisiting coming soon).


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