Challenge complete!

A couple of days ago I challenged Sephy to cook a recipe, and it is already done, click here to read his post about it.. He’s fast as well as a great cook. ;) So, if you have a quick and easy recipe that you would like either Sephy (and/or myself) to cook and post about, feel free to set a challenge on your blog and then comment and let us know. Just be aware that I don’t really eat red meat, but Sephy does.

When I make that recipe I like to buy chicken tenderloins which you can really just throw into the marinade but if you’re a picky eater like me I tend to cut the very tops off them. It doesn’t go to waste, I fry any cut offs up for the kitties. Also, a lime tip – put your limes in the microwave on a piece of paper towel for 30 seconds – it makes them juicier. Or something. I really can’t recall precisely why I do that or where I got the tip from.

The West Wing at lunchtime has long been a habit of mine, good to see it’s contagious even across oceans. ;)

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One thought on “Challenge complete!

  1. I’d rather get hit with a contagious habit such as lunch and a Wing, than a cold or something like that. :)

    Also, with these challenges, I’m cheap, so no fillet mignon, lobster, etc., k? ;)

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