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There’s a lot of stuff which I’ve thought I should blog about lately but none of these posts have happened. For example –

The spiders in that kid’s ears! It’s freaking me out people. I have heard that rice krispy noise in there before!

Unions. The labor scheme to sell out workers to unions concerns me. For obvious reasons.

I was once a member of a union. It was ok, not really that much money to pay and it had some good benefits, but the idea of *forcing* anyone to be a member of a union is not a good one IMO. And I hate the way Union people call those who aren’t in the union “scabs”. It’s a matter of personal choice whether someone wants to pay union fees or not. To call them names for choosing not to, that bothers me.

It bothers me that the Labor of today is still linked with these people who choose pressure and bullying as decent tactics in a work place. I think they really need to stand away from all that – otherwise the Libs will get in again. Not that I think that is a bad thing, all political parties have their good points and their bad points.

I got some Emerald Green paint because I seem to suck at mixing green, and some sealer the other day.

There’s a new house in the area we like which we might be able to look at. It’s $20 more than we pay now. That’s not so good. But it is in the street we love and might be big enough.

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One thought on “Topics on my mind..

  1. That union story is quite creepy. It would be bad enough to work in a “closed shop” (i.e. forced to join the union to work).

    Labor’s idea, however, would make a closed shop seem like a walk in the park, since if you wanted to be a non-union worker, you’d be forced to work under the rules that a potentially small group of workers established with the bargaining agreement, but you’d have to pay a premium to work there.

    Maybe this is how they were planning to pay for their broadband proposal…. :)

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