Email Shenanigans

I got an email some time ago, but it only just *arrived* in my inbox today. That’s because Gmail put it in the spam box. I wish I could delete the spam box. :( I don’t usually check the box associated with this blog, it forwards to my main account. When I went in there today to reply to a mail that had missed the spam box, there were 305 spam emails sitting there. Its only by luck that this mail didn’t get deleted because usually gmail deletes the spam after 30 days.

It was from someone who reads this blog politely requesting a blog link trade. I went over and read his blog and I really liked it, so it’s now in the list of blogs I read which happens to be way down in the sidebar. I must clean that out soon. The owner of it wisely is not giving his real name – if only everyone on the internet were so careful! ;)

I have been so incredibly not good about putting all the links I want to put in my sidebar. You guys, I read like 129 blogs in my google reader. I have not linked to them all. I just don’t have time, I am really busy with projects – and reading blogs, by the look of things. ;)

There may be a new project which I will want to talk about here some, soon. It’s a task I have put off and put off for ages, but now I am beginning to accept that this task must be done in order for there to be a decent future.

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