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This is a project I have been meaning to do for over a year now. YAY ME!

Back before the Final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad began, I was a part of a Rewatch Breaking Bad thread on the Whirlpool forums, where I hang out as TarynK.

I started out just noting my favourite lines each episode but eventually things like links to music used in the show, various trivia , links to the official podcasts, stories and sometimes transcribing things said during the podcasts as well as lists of who was on each podcast and various other information was being posted for each episode. These posts were fun – although some hard work was involved – and people seemed to like them.

So I wanted to take the basics of this concept and turn it into a blog, with screenshots, links to music and musicians, info about DVD extras, links to other recaps and discussion of each episode, links to the official podcasts when they begin in Season 2, my random thoughts and various other things.


It does not read like a normal blog because I do not want anyone to get spoiled by reading the post for an episode they have not seen yet – there will be a link to each episode in the sidebar. However if you read by RSS you will get each episode weekly and I am setting them to publish at 8pm Thursday AEST.

I’m committing to one episode a week because putting together these posts is a bit time consuming and I have a lot of other projects on the go at the moment as well.

The first episode has just been published so if you want to join in and re-watch, feel free to venture over to Rewatch Breaking Bad. And here is the link to the pilot episode.

Given that the Breaking Bad team just did a final victory lap of the Emmy Awards, I cannot think of a better time to re-visit one of my all time favourite tv shows. If you have never seen the show but you want to give it a try, one episode a week is not a massive commitment – I did one episode a day last year. :)

Some people binge watch entire seasons in one sitting – you could probably do that with Season One which is 7 episodes long but 2, 3 and 4 are all 13 episodes long. Season 5 is split into 2 8 episode arcs.

If you think this is a great idea and you have your own blog, please share this post with your readers – the more the merrier! ;)

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