Mr Robot Available in Australia on Presto


This show, you guys. This is by far the most amazing show I have experienced in 2015. We just saw episode 8 this week and it was a total mind explosion.

It is rare for me to feel a level of trust for the people who are behind a show this quickly. I’m someone who usually needs a good couple of seasons to believe things which have been excellent will continue to be excellent long term.

But here, I have a level of faith that things will continue to be excellent and wherever this show is going, *we* are on board for the ride.

The things I most love about it –

– the weird camera angles they are using


– Rami Malek as Elliot. If this guy is not nominated for an Emmy next year, I will be incredibly surprised and disappointed.


– Christian Slater as Mr Robot. I’ve always been a big fan of Christian Slater and that is not going to change anytime soon.

– The epic levels of mind bending and twists as a surprise. You really need to be mentally alert to watch this show and make sense of it, and some of the episodes require more than one viewing to try and catch everything that is happening.

– In episode 8, BD Wong makes a guest appearance. I will not even show you screenshots because they would spoil the awesomeness of it. You can tell that he is having a great time and I have to say I love it when that enjoyment of a role is apparent so clearly to the viewers.

I said in my previous post re this show that I would let you know if and when it becomes available in Australia, so here is a heads up.


The first 7 episodes are now available in Australia on Presto, for which you can supposedly get a 30 day free trial, though you need to provide a credit card on signup and I’m not sure what the deal is myself or when the remaining 3 episodes would appear, so caveat emptor and check things out fully yourself.

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