Mr Robot First Episode airs on 7 this Friday


Another quick heads up re Mr Robot, which I have previously written about here and here.

Seven will air the first episode tomorrow – Friday 21 August – sometime after the AFL game finishes. Click here for more info.

Yes, I know, you cannot trust the free to air channels in Australia to air something on time, when planned, or when they say they will air it. I would rarely recommend viewing something via free to air tv, purely because they shaft their viewers on a regular basis.

And they wonder why people torrent and pirate?

However, I love this show so much – in particular the first episode and that amazing ferris wheel scene – that I am telling you about this, so you can attempt to see the first episode and decide if you like it enough to *ahem* source it via alternate means. Whether that be via Presto, or other means, that is down to you. :)

When it will appear, nobody could actually tell you. Unfortunately you can’t rely on your episode guide to tell you. Shows routinely begin 15-30 minutes before or after they are scheduled to begin. Usually after.

Check your local guide, then tune in half an hour before that says it will air just in case they start it early which does occasionally happen just to mess with the viewers minds, and plan to see it about half an hour to an hour after the guide says it will start.

If you are going to try and record it, record the entire football match and the rest of the scheduled shows that evening. Hopefully somewhere in there, you may catch the show.

The good news is, they are only showing the first episode, so no need to try and rely on them to show you the same show in order during the same time-slot for 10 weeks running, which they almost *never* do.

If you catch it, drop back and let me know what you thought in the comments on this post. :)

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11 thoughts on “Mr Robot First Episode airs on 7 this Friday

    • Margaret – this is why so many people in Australia seek their tv shows from other sources, sometimes legal, sometimes not. Me personally if I love a show, I am buying the dvd set. :)

      River – tune in after the footy, it will be on. Forget the guide, it means nothing. :) I’d use it as toilet paper to show my lack of respect for it, only that would be wasteful plus I’d have to print it out because it is all on the mystar box these days.

  1. Tick Tock, Seven.. it is now 5 minutes past the time the episode was due to start in the episode guide here, and all I see are 3 blokes chatting about footy. None of them are Bruce Mcavaney, so why are they still on my screen?

  2. 11:15 a press conference. Interesting to note they have scheduled 1 hour and 30 minutes for the episode which runs 1h04mins. So I am assuming it might start around 11:30. This is why people torrent.

  3. And now to add insult to injury, they are playing footage of some random actor they miked up during the game. SRSLY? This is interesting to anyone why? 11:25, still no Mr Robot.

    But there was a moment with Mick Molloy and a cat, which I enjoyed, momentarily.

  4. And now a musical montage set to U2 and more of the talking football heads, half an hour after the episode guide says Mr Robot will start.

    Channel 7, how do you expect to draw people in and get them to subscribe to Presto for shows like Mr Robot when you stuff people around like this? People will have given up, gone to download the torrent overnight so they can watch it tomorrow, and have gone to bed by now.

    And now another press conference from the losing team, so hopefully that will be quick and then these idiots will drink a nice cup of STFU. 11:35, still going.

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