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Lately I have been watching a couple of new shows and some of them are truly excellent viewing, so I thought I would tell you a little about them, in case you are looking for something new to view.

The first series listed below, I did not know anything about until I read the Emmys Performer Ballot. That lists every single human being who has put their name forward for consideration. Plus it lists all the names of the shows they have asked to be considered for. There are a *lot* of names on this list – 348 pages of names! How anyone can possibly narrow it down, I have zero idea. There are multiple performances on here that are Emmy worthy.

If you want a little behind the scenes look at what goes on for the people who vote, check out this post from Ken Levine.


Titus Welliver plays Harry Bosch

I am a huge fan of the Hieronymus Bosch & Mickey Haller books by Michael Connolly. So when I saw the name Bosch on the Emmy list, I had to do a little digging to find out if this was related to the books at all – turns out not only is it related, the author is quite involved with the show.

Bosch is an Amazon Prime show. You may have heard of another show Amazon Prime are responsible for – the incredible Transparent.

Anyway, I decided Bosch was a must see. I was expecting good, but what I saw was *amazing*. The cinematography of the opening credits is absolutely stunning and not something I have ever seen before. The look and feel of the show is very high quality. The writing is excellent and the cast is fantastic. Here are the opening credits for Bosch –

And here is the trailer for season one –

I should not be at all surprised at the high quality of this, given Michael Connelly is involved and there are some big names on the cast. Titus Welliver is brilliant as Bosch. I also deeply love Jamie Hector as Jerry Edgar and Lance Reddick as Irvin Irving.

Sometimes when you read books you build a picture of the characters in your mind. Though I could not have drawn you a police identikit of the Harry Bosch residing in my brain, I would now find it difficult to picture any other person than Titus as Harry.

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman

Previous to seeing The Lincoln Lawyer, I would have given you an Identikit of a slightly better looking Saul Goodman as Mickey Haller.. but then I saw the movie, and now Matthew McConaghey is Mickey in my mind. He was so fantastic in that role.. :) Would I love to see Matthew and Titus working together? You bet! It is probably unlikely to happen, and I am sure at some point we will see someone else playing the role of Mickey Haller given that Bosch has been renewed for a second season.

Good news for Aussies – you can watch Bosch via SBS One starting 29 July at 9:30pm. I’ll remind you a little closer to the start date.

Mr Robot


Rami Malek as Elliot

In the pilot episode of this series, there is a scene that I just want to watch over and over again. It involves the two main characters – played by Rami Malek and Christian Slater – talking while on the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island. This scene must have been a total nightmare for editors and the sound techs, but it is a glorious and beautiful feast for the eyebulbs.


There is an element of Dexter in this show, though nobody is getting murdered (yet anyway!) plus there is quite an element of some former characters Christian Slater has played, in particular I see a lot of call backs to Pump Up The Volume, where his character was a pirate radio DJ.


The main character – Elliot – is played by Rami Malek and he is doing an amazing job with this role. His performance is mesmerizing. When he is on screen it is difficult to take your eyes off him however the cinematography is so incredible I do recommend giving it a try.

The pilot episode was directed by Niels Arden Oplev who also directed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and they have tried to keep a similar look to the show in the following episodes. Some of the scenes are gorgeously framed, especially anything filmed out at Coney Island.


The home of the hackers contains Skee Ball machines and various other amusements. It is a beautiful set.


How much of what we are seeing is real? What is the plan? What happens next? Will Elliot join in with Mr Robot? Or will he decide to become one of the “normal” people, watching Marvel movies and drinking Starbucks? So many questions, how many answers will we get? Nobody knows!

Wherever the show goes, we’re along for the ride – yes, both of us. The Other Half and I are watching this show together which is a pretty amazing feat in itself, we do not often like the same things. There are 10 episodes in the first season, plus it has been picked up for a season 2 as well. Here is a preview of the show.

It is presently airing on the USA Network. I do not have an air date or any info on which TV channel might pick this show up here in Australia. I do expect it will get picked up soonest, given the amount of positive reviews this show is receiving. If and when I hear of an air date, I will let you know, because this show is incredible and worth tuning in for..

In a somewhat bizarre coincidence, Jim McKay, the director of Episode 3 of Mr Robot also directed the pilot episode of Bosch.

Speaking Of The Emmys

The nominations announcement is coming up. It will be held July 16th at 8:30am LA time, which is 1:30am Thursday morning AEST. If you want to see when this is for your timezone, click here. You will be able to view the announcement online via, if you so desire.

Over to You –

Have you been watching anything new? Something I might enjoy? Leave me a comment and let me know about it. :)

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  1. OMG–I am crazy about the Bosch series; I must get my hands on that show!! I generally don’t watch much TV except for Downton Abbey and Call The Midwife. Once those are over, I need excellent stuff to watch.

  2. I’ve seen The Lincoln Lawyer and read the book, I agree Matthew McConaughey is perfect in the role. I won’t be watching any of those other shows you mention, still don’t have SBS or any internet TV, I seem to be growing away from TV anyway, not watching much at all. I have the Bosch and Haller books on my kindle though, so I won’t be missing them altogether.

    • Ryan Philippe was pretty awesome in The Lincoln Lawyer as well, and of course Marisa Tomei is fabulous in everything. I suspected that might turn into a series of movies but not long after that Matthew McConaghey won his Oscar and I think that might mean an end to any more Mickey Haller movies, for him at least.

      It is a shame about your not having SBS because I think they are fast becoming an excellent channel to have, some of their current affairs programs I quite enjoy, eg Insight. :)

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