6 thoughts on “Engrish – Wordless Wednesday

    • River – this is where a feed reader would help you, because it would cost you a lot less in data than visiting individual sites and it would give you the posts as they post. ;) If you want to comment on a post, you would click through and only *that* particular post would load, rather than the last 10 (and sometimes even more!) posts that load when you visit a sites home page, then you have to click through to the individual post to comment.

      How To – Get Started With Inoreader <-- in case you want to give it a try.

    • Hmm.. My Inoreader leaves me signed in long term, I rarely have to log into it. :) If I were having to watch my data usage a feed reader would be one of the first things I would make use of, visiting blogs can be pretty data hungry.. Also in the feed reader, I would turn off images on some of the blogs I read because there are some blogs which post a lot of large images and if I’m going to click through and comment on what has been written, my connection would have to load those images twice.

      Not to worry, my images here are always super small, I resize them that way on purpose thinking of my readers, but other bloggers often do not think of such, especially those who never have to worry about a data cap! :)

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