In Other News.. New Mugs!

The Other Half doesn’t like my big Ikea mugs so when we were out the other day we bought some smaller pretty funky mugs. Here’s the first two.. :)

Funky Mugs

Aren’t those beetles pretty? ;) And I’m not sure what kind of birds these are supposed to be but I love the design.

Funky Mugs

Two more to be posted when they are clean, one of which is my current favourite so I can’t stop using it! :) I love that they have something on the inside, and something on the handles too. We got them from Haven And Space, one of the most reasonably priced (other than Ikea) stores ever.. :)

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9 thoughts on “In Other News.. New Mugs!

  1. I have similar mugs, only mine has an elephant on the outside. There’s a small elephant on the inside too. I make coffee waaay too hot for my Dad, so he started saying “Just fill the water up to the elephant’s feet, then add milk” and it turned out it was the perfect temperature for him! :)

  2. I love them! One of my favourites here is black & white, on the outside reading around the mug it has directions for making the coffee, on the inside it says wake up.

  3. That comment got my imagination – ‘fill the water up to the elephant’s feet’. :-)
    I love mugs and those are lovely ones. I have too many and never break any (touch wood!) So I can’t get more.

  4. Those are the funkiest and funnest mugs ever! Colorful too and I love the little bits on the inside and the handles. Very nice find. I hope they give you many years of delicious hot beverages! :)

  5. Luv the cups!!! Remind me of colorful ones my grandma used to use in the 70s:) Thank goodness IKEA is six hours away from me otherwise I’d be there a LOT. Due to the economic downturn I’ve cut back on my Etsy addiction but it’s so much fun over there!!!

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