Oi! Lurkers De-lurk & Comment Day

According to my various stat gathering programs, there are on average a good couple of hundred of you reading this blog via your feed readers daily. That does not count those subscribed by email. Today I would like to give you an excuse to de-lurk and say hi.

Please Drop By And Comment! 

I am about to update my reader and blogroll over the next week or two, and I would love to add the blogs of any of my blog readers, so if you are reading please comment with a link to your blog so I can return the favour and read/link to your blog.

If you are on my blogroll already, make sure to comment so I know you’re still reading – I would hate to delete anyone by accident. I do have to make some serious cuts in my reader as I am up to over 200 blogs, so I am going to be deleting a fair few blogs.

I am still procrastinating – cutting blogs from my reader is not a job I enjoy doing.. I love adding blogs, which is how I keep ending up with more blogs than I can keep up with. ;)

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21 thoughts on “Oi! Lurkers De-lurk & Comment Day

  1. Have I ever managed to be polite enough to comment or just an ill-mannered lout? Probably the latter…..which given how nice you’ve been to me over the years is pretty dreadful. So, yes, I read appreciatively via Bloglines.

  2. I read your blog as often as I can…lately real life has gotten in the way of blogging, so I haven’t commented much. Darned real life anyway!

  3. Present and accounted for (I hope).

    Of course I’m still here and reading. Commenting is getting harder and harder these days….

  4. Just me, still here and reading, although not so often, only the posts that have some interest for me. Often enough I click over and the headline hasn’t changed from my last visit so I don’t stay. (Don’t be offended, I know you’re busy).

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments, they are much appreciated :)

    Also thanks for sticking around while I’ve had a bit of a blog identity crisis. ;)

    I’ve added all your blogs to my reader – in many cases they were already there. Yay!

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