Super Mario Galaxy

So last weekend my sister, her partner and my nephews and niece were down for a visit. Dinner went well, and the next day a shopping trip was planned. And boy did we shop. I got some great stuff which I’d been needing for a while, mostly nice velvety track pants for around the house. The kids got plenty of clothes and they each got one toy/game each.

My older nephew chose Super Mario Galaxy for Wii but they did not have their Wii here, so after the other half got home we drove to our place and got the Wii and returned to my parents for dinner. The younger nephew got to be Bee Mario which was so darn cute..

I don’t normally like playing these kinds of games but I was happy to sit there and watch them play it. They made it look *so* easy that I thought it could be fun and I now have a copy of the game here so I am going to give it a try. Now we’ll see if it is easy or if they are just much more talented than I am! I’ll let you know which it turns out to be.. ;)

Tomorrow we’re off to Albion Park for the bloggers meet. :) Yay! And I am seriously going to indulge in some gorgeous food because the place we are going to make the most stunning meals.

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  1. I like the Wii. I have not tried that particular game though. I’ll be interested in seeing what you have to say about it. So glad the visit went well this time. :)

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