Men I Shouldn’t Like To Watch (but I do..)

 JayKay from Jamiroquai

There is something about JayKay. He can really dance. The rumor is he is quite egotistical. And short. And a bit of an idiot. However I don’t know him personally, so I can’t judge based that stuff.  He is short (apparently), and he likes cars, he can sing and he can really dance. I’ve always liked Jamiroquai.

I love watching him dance. The video clips are great.  I also love that he wears some very odd hats.

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3 thoughts on “Men I Shouldn’t Like To Watch (but I do..)

  1. Yeah I’ve heard JayKay is a bit of an arrogant prick. Maybe so, but his music is great. It has a bit of a retro feel especially songs like little l, main vein & love foolosophy.

  2. I’ve got a couple of their CDs, and even though he’s a mate of Jamie Oliver’s, JayKay is a “free & easy” kinda guy. Apparently he went wild with lots and lots of aussie girls when they last toured here.

    A bit like Robbie I suppose – now HE was awesome last year.



  3. JayKay is known for being an arrogant man.

    Great songster and dancer – but completely up himself.

    This video shows him in all his obnoxious glory, and he receives a well deserved headbutt for his troubles.

    Hope you all enjoy this vid as much as i did. It is so entertaining watching someone get their ‘just-deserved’ ;P


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