Don’t Tell Me That!


An actual conversation held with the other half on the way to grocery shopping last week..

OH – (groans with pain) “I’m getting old.”

Snoskred – “No you’re not!”

OH – “I’m 42 this year, remember?”

Snoskred – “No, you can’t be 42.. the maths does not work. There’s only 3 years between us, not 4.”

OH – “You were 39 last birthday.”

Snoskred – “I AM SO NOT 39! I only just updated my age on my blog this week and I’m 38!”

OH – “I hate to tell you, but you are 39. Do the maths.”

Snoskred – “But you know I failed maths! I don’t wanna do maths!”

(minutes pass while The Other Half does the maths out loud in excruciating detail for me and it does turn out he is right)

OH – “… and so, you see, you are in fact 39.. and this means next year you will be 40”

Snoskred – “DON”T TELL ME THAT!!! It is bad enough I have been 39 for 3 months and didn’t know it! And now I have to update my about me box and page, again!”

So, I updated those things, again. :)

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