A bit more Toby Rand

A quick update on life in the Snoskred world –

1. I got some skype credit and I was in a bit of a mood thanks to a mod from a forum I hang out at. To put my happy face on I tried to call some Nigerian Scammers about 5am their time, but the inconsiderate bastards had their phones switched off! Now how can they wake up to me swearing at them? So I just emailed a few of them angrily instead.

2. I am feeling better mostly. But throat still painful. :(

3. I had ordered a pink pool cue to go with the pool table, they forgot to bring it yesterday. They delivered it today to the other half at work. This could present a problem – see 4.

4. My parents still do not know there is a pool table here. I sense Armageddon style implosions when they do find out. Especially from my Mother, who is against people having fun in general. ;) And who suffered several months in fact more likely years at the hands of my Dad who bought a pool table which he kept in the shed then decided he had to build on a room to the house to accommodate it, so he took down the shed at which point the pool table moved into the lounge room taking up a great deal of space while a swimming pool was put in and then a big extension to the house and for all this time she had this huge pool table in her way – she made a board of wood to go over the top of it and used it to fold laundry on, she used it as a buffet table, and finally when the room was almost finished, Dad decided to sell the pool table.

5. Yes, my Dad is completely loopy! Scientists have confirmed it.

6. I have now played some pool and I have to say, the table is gorgeous. It is stunningly beautiful. I really love it. More pictures on the way, once I get the good camera out today and the cover off the table. I don’t think the other half will speak to me from now on unless I am playing pool. ;) I think I can spare a little time from my scambaiting to do that and I really should spend more time away from the computer, right, guys, right? ;)

7. If my parents find out how much that table cost, you will be able to hear me screaming once my Mother gets her hands on me from wherever in the world you are reading this. The only solution to this is to lie. However the other half and I better agree on the lie before we tell it otherwise things won’t work.

And then I forgot the Toby! Here is his original from Rock Star : Supernova. How can you not love a cute blond Aussie singing?


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