Six Weird Things About Me.

I got tagged by Gigglewick – So this means you’re all tagged now – those of you reading this by RSS, get over here! ;)

I’m not sticking to the meme rules of tagging six people because on Thailand Gal we’ve been having quite a few discussions about the politics of tagging and there is no way I could pick just six people out of all the people I read to do this meme. Plus, I don’t like rules. :)

So, what I’m going to do instead is say, I would love to hear from anyone reading this with their six things, and in a couple of days I will create a post linking to all the people who took it up. Hopefully there will be a few of you. I would especially love to hear from people from the Australian or US blog communities, and anyone in my sidebar links. Post a comment here to let me know you’ve done the meme so I can keep track and link to you. ;)

And now, six weird things about me.

1. When I was a little kid, perhaps inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the elevator which could go anywhere, I had a dream one night. Basically there was a trapdoor in my bedroom floor which led to an elevator that could go anywhere in the world. There was also a bunch of rooms where you could put your hand on the door and say what would be inside the room. Typically, being only about 8 at the time, I believe I had a room full of little plastic balls that you could jump around in, a low gravity room where you could sort of fly.. things like that.

2. When I got to my teenage years, I had another dream where I could turn off shopping centre alarms and take whatever I wanted from the shops while nobody was there. Anything I picked up was magically replaced, because I didn’t want to steal things. :)

3. When I was old enough to date, I made a rule for myself that I’d never go out with a guy who had the same hair color as the last guy I was dating. So if I had been dating a blonde guy and another blonde guy asked me out, I couldn’t go. It actually worked fairly well for me. ;)

4. I once went on a date with this guy from the armed forces. He was gorgeous, blonde, and physically very attractive. Unfortunately this meant he was quite the airhead. He took me to see Terminator 2 and during the movie he leaned over and whispered sweet nothings in my ear – the sweet nothings involved the make, model, how many bullets the gun would hold and the capacity to do damage to people of every gun in the movie. There were a lot of guns in that movie. I think I managed two dates before I realised I couldn’t date someone this interested in guns and little else, regardless of how cute he was.

5. If you’ve upset me, pissed me off, or made me angry at you during your time of knowing me, chances are you’ve ended up on my island prison. I don’t really like to punish people but sometimes it has to be done. In my head, you are sent to an absolutely gorgeous tropical island, you have a 2km square patch of sand, rainforest, and reefs, with a beautiful house mostly with glass windows. There are 50ft glass walls around the 2km patch of land. You get left there alone. In my mind that is the worst punishment for anyone – to have to be completely alone. Some people would think it was no punishment at all – but to be in this beautiful place and have nobody to share it with? That’s my version of hell.

6. I am a plane geek. I love planes. I like to watch them. I find them fascinating. To see a Boeing 747 lifting off it can bring tears to my eyes, it is just so beautiful. I know this means you’ll all disown me now. ;( but I can’t lie to you.

So, I hope to hear from many of you. Memes are a great way to get to know more about people, and this one is fairly easy which I enjoyed. Thanks Gigglewick!

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7 thoughts on “Six Weird Things About Me.

  1. I always have crazy, crazy dreams, too! I probably won’t tackle this one because a couple weeks ago I did the 8 random things meme! Feel free to check it out if you like.

    I think the island would sound good for about one day, then I’d be lonely, too. :-(

  2. ooooh – the island prison sounds pretty darn good right now. But only for a few days. Oh and I need to take pictures of WhatsHisFace and BigWhitedog, oh and maybe the internet for some blog access. Darn :)

  3. Planes rule!! My dad used to take us to the airport for fun as kids, though now I am more of a helicopter girl as I can see various Med/Life Flight helicopters landing on the helipad at the hospital across the street from my desk ;) I feel you on the whole takeoff fascination thing though!

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