No pool table. :(

We ordered a pool table about two months ago. It was ready last Wednesday and when the other half spoke to them they said it would be delivered today. On Friday the other half realised that today was actually a public holiday and when he got home he asked me if they had called to confirm the delivery, which they had not, but when he had spoken to him early last week they had assured him it would be delivered today.

Well guess what, it’s 10pm, no sight of any pool table, and no phone call either. I can’t even call and abuse them Butch Driveshaft (or Tyra) style tomorrow because nobody at work knows this pool table is coming yet, and I am supposed to be going to work tomorrow.

I feel somewhat ok but more like I have a headcold now which is most irritating to me. I hate colds! Hopefully I will be ok to go tomorrow otherwise I will have to go back to the doctor. My throat still hurts and I keep waking me up in the middle of the night having a coughing fit. :(

At just after 6 am this morning my throat was so sore, I got up and drank a drink that I had frozen the night before and then taken out of the freezer. It was icy and sort of slushy and it numbed my throat beautifully. I have another one in the fridge, I’m going to get to it soon.. :)

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