I have lived here for quite a few months now. For those who don’t know, 9 years ago my parents took a job in Tamworth which is *true* country NSW. Just over a year ago now, they got moved here to the South Coast of NSW which is *pseudo* country NSW, and in January of 2006 The Other Half and I moved here to live with them.

Yet still I sometimes feel like this is all just a holiday and soon I’ll be going back “home” to Adelaide. Sometimes life here has this bizzare surreal feeling to it. Sometimes I feel really “home” sick even though Adelaide never felt like home when I was there without my parents and family. Sometimes I feel like Tamworth was home and this place will never be home like Tamworth was to me. I miss Tamworth. I miss the big hills behind my parents house, and how we used to be able to sit out there on any afternoon with the binoculars and watch kangaroos hopping around on the hills.

The South Coast is very lovely, don’t get me wrong. 11kms away I have a spectacular beach which I’ll be walking on a lot when it is summer here. About 17 kms away there are rainforest type mountains which are beautiful (we almost hit a wombat driving there the other day!) and it’s not a long drive to many beautiful places.

But today it hit home to me that I always felt quite safe in Adelaide. I don’t actually feel as safe here and one reason is bushfires. Today there were fires not too far away, and in a place I visited quite recently. I’ll see if I can find some pics of it.. And now there’s things we probably have to consider that we never did before – a fire plan, maybe.

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