Oh NO!

A scammer has just sent me this.. ;) I have removed the lads name so he can’t google it.

Just for a bit of background, he’s sent me a fake check. For almost 500,000 in fact. I don’t have a pic of it online yet. Since he sent it I have not replied to any of his emails and he’s freaking out.. ;)

The email subject – Atackers closer

Please note that i have been attacked by men of Mr. (His boss’s name) over your ceasure of his monies that was sent to you through check.Am indded very surprise that you could treat me this way having taken you in confidence and thought you are a transperent woman.

Am just writing you because they have promised come for you also to attacke you on your Island saying that you must pay with blood if you wants to paly games and fast one on them.

Better get to him and explain what happened to his money which he said you cleared and ceased.

You can get back to me if you wish.

Oh right, well I’ll be waiting on my island.. which is about 200kms from where I really live.. ;) and nobody lives there.. hehe but you know, I may have a telephone number for this guy. Im gonna have to give him a call..

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