This just in from a scammer..

Put down that drink, don’t be eating anything when you scroll down. Just trust me on this one. It’s perfectly work safe, but may induce hysterical laughter..

We have a lad that a bunch of people on scambaits are baiting, he claims to be a police detective in Nigeria and he can get our money back that we’ve been scammed out of. So we’ve asked him to track down some of our favourite scammers for us.

Of course the lad I asked about was the lad I first baited because as I mentioned here there is just something about the lad you bait first. And knowing this detective guy is just a scammer trying to get money out of me, I thought I might try and get a little something out of him first. So he told me my scammer was in jail, and I asked him to go over there and take a photo of him, and once he’s done that I’ll pay him for his expenses, and also to find me a lawyer and stuff.

He told me ok, he would do that, and on the 13th he said he had a photo but he could not seem to attach it. I’d say he’s been working pretty hard with photoshop since then, in order to create the following..

Are you ready for this?

No seriously, are you?

Scroll down

You’re sure you’re not eating or drinking anything?

It’s just, I wouldn’t want you to choke or damage your monitor or anything.. ;)

Ok then.. here it is.. ;)


Worst. Photoshop. Ever..


And I was all ready to go to bed, it was just one last check of the email, and the minute I saw this I laughed out loud for about ten minutes.. :)

This is why I scambait. You never know what hilarious thing is going to come to you as a surprise next..

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3 thoughts on “This just in from a scammer..

  1. That guy looks really familiar…
    Any idea what the central geometric element is supposed to depict? Aside from the creator’s stupidity I mean.

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