There’s something about the first…

lad that you scambait.. ;) Any scambaiter will tell you. You bait them once, and you just don’t want to let them go. You find yourself googling for names they used, telephone numbers you used to call, their format, all kinds of things.. ;)

My first scammer was a gorgeous young lad by the name of
Francis, or Christopher, or something.. I don’t think he was actually quite sure what his name was himself.

The bait started out with me setting a time limit – I wanted to be done with this lad by the start of February because I was going on holidays. However, the bait took on a life of its own, with (fake) stars of great magnitude joining in on the fun (Guy Sebastian, Andrew G, Usher) and it went for far longer than I planned.

And lucky me, I finally found him again, at long last! I’ve sent off an email, and I hope he will come back to me as a surprise, and maybe I can get another long bait out of him. I think he’s ready for it. I know I am!

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One thought on “There’s something about the first…

  1. I wasn’t sure what this(scambaiting) was about, but i read your first one, and I laughed prety hard through it all… that’s pretty awesome.

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