I was sitting here typing in a post at about a lad we’re all baiting – hilarious fun – and I felt something on my neck, I thought it was a flying bug, so I slapped it. Then I looked down and saw a spider leg.. eeek and it wasn’t a white-tail but it was a close cousin.

One hot shower later, I’m still freaked out and feeling things crawling on me. I’m going to need to strip back this room tomorrow, vacuum, and spray everything in sight with spider surface spray before I can be comfortable at this desk again..

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3 thoughts on “Traumatised

  1. What’s a white-tail? I’m assuming something bad, and I just googled it and ickickickick ewewewewewwwwwww!

    I’m glad it wasn’t one of those. I’m getting better with the non-bad kind of spider (since they’re supposed to be messengers about writing according to some native american spiritual stuff) but I still have to do the “lalalaaaaaaa – I don’t actually see that spider there” to live with them.

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