Got our first Christmas Card..

from a local church. The other half does not like religion, and he has happily gone to shred it with the paper shredder. He’s the kinda guy who would love to answer the door to religious people wearing all black with Metallica playing in the background and invite them in to sacrifice virgins. He has a particular hatred for Mormons. I don’t know why but it seems they used to knock on his door a lot where he once lived in Adelaide.

I don’t understand the going door to door in order to convert people to your religion thing personally. Maybe it’s just me. But like if people are looking for a religion, they’ll probably come to you. I find it almost as annoying as those people trying to sign everyone up to credit cards at the shopping centres. I have been known to tell them to fsck off. I just want to go about my shopping, I don’t need you in my face, thanks very much. I don’t really get mad about much, but this really irritates me.

And now they’re at every airport in the country, too. :(

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