The weather is warming up, and this means the creepy crawlies are on the increase. I believe these encounters come in threes as any sane person does. :) Here’s this week’s three.

1. 3am the other morning I went into the kitchen to get a drink and found a typical house spider on the roof looking down at me.

2. Walking into my bedroom I spotted a house spider on the floor.

3. Returning home to my parents from the pub the other night, and trying to squeeze past my Dad’s car in the garage, I spotted a large redback near the ground.

Me “There’s a redback”

Dad “No it’s not”

Me “Yes it is!”

Mum “She’s right it is”

me – grabs spider spray and attacks spider with it, making the spider vanish behind a box

Dad comes over and pulls the box out so he can find out whether or not it is a redback. It is, of course.

Dad “Yes, it is a redback.”

Me “I must spray the entire house now”

Dad “But it’s dark! Do it tomorrow”

Me “Ok, but only because I don’t live here”

Always when I see a spider, I actually scream. The second one, I screamed so loud the *spider* jumped backwards. It was hilarious! I would have laughed was I not in mortal fear. :) I can laugh now that it is dead. Sort of. However I am also worried, that was in my bedroom, what if he/she had companions? What if they saw what happened and decide to crawl on me when I am sleeping, biting me all over? This is really my only fear, I hate the crawly things and kill them on sight, leaving their dead bodies around as a reminder to other spiders this is a dangerous place for them.

We once had a spider that crawled into our quilt when we’d hung it on the clothesline. For two weeks, the pair of us had bites all over us but we couldn’t work out why. Then one day I walked into the bedroom to spot it crawling out of the covers. I killed it, no more bites, and you can bet I have never hung anything on the line ever since. Oh no, stuff goes into the dryer, and the hotter the better.

However I think I’ve got off very easy because my cats have actually left a bunch of bodies lying around the house lately, they have been killing plenty of them and they like to leave them where we can see them, too but only so we praise them. Thank {insert your deity here} for the cats!

Earlier today I was having a chat with a friend on skype and I spotted several large house spiders outside on the fence. This calls for serious action. I have to get the spider spray so poisonous that I have a really bad reaction to it – the Mortein Surface Spray that works for 6 months. And it did last time, I did the house in February before we moved in and we really had very few creepies. Though it also killed the crickets in the shed and I am hanging out for the crickets to come back, I don’t want to dead them! So I will have to be careful where I spray. But the shed needs doing, it’s probably got redbacks in it too. :(

Redbacks are quite poisonous, those of you reading this who are not from Australia. I believe they despatch you from the planet in about 15 minutes.

Is your skin crawling reading this? Feel like stuff is crawling on you? It’s ten times worse for me writing it considering I’ve had three spider run-ins in less than three days ;)

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