Karma Police

This song I had never heard before Toby Rand performed it on Rock Star : Supernova. It’s kind of got stuck in my head. Not as much as the Lukas songs have, but from time to time this just turns up. And really, I think one of the lyrics speak of scambaiting. ;) “This is what you get : When you mess with us”

Realistically, people do not realise just how good we scambaiters are at digging up information. People also do not realise just how much information they have put on the internet about themselves. Go google yourself. Google the names you use on forums. Google your email address. Google anything you can think of that might relate to you. And while I may be one of the world’s worst googlers, I have scambaiter friends(seriously if you are looking for something Sephy is the man to ask) who are the world’s best googlers.

Even if they can’t find a script for Clear and Present Danger online, mainly because it *isn’t* online anywhere, given enough info they can track you down.. ooo be wary when you mess with us.

I miss rock star, don’t ya’all? I keep watching things on you tube so I can get my Lukas Rossi fix..


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