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Lukas Rossi won Rockstar:Supernova.

I was really not happy when I heard he won because I think he’d do better on his own, but now having listened to some of the music I am starting to feel better about it.

In other news, The Other Half has apparently been drinking a lot of beer in Thailand as it is the only thing he can get in a bottle and sealed. He doesn’t normally drink beer, and he sounded heartily hung over when I spoke to him. He’s ready to come home, he said.. ;) He gets back Sunday Morning at 6am. Good thing he made us a new washer, cos suddenly ours seems to be not well. :( We may not make it to the arrival of the new one, we might have to walk washing down the street.

I’m going to go and watch the commentary track on A Knight’s Tale – I started watching it but never got to finish seeing it yet.

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