Crickets = good. Crack = bad.

It seems to be summer again. It was 35 degrees C here today and for the first time this year I wore shorts and flippy shoes yay! The other half and I had the day off so we went to Shellharbour (over 50kms) to go shopping. We got us some nice dvd’s including a new issue of Top Gun with commentary track. I am looking forward to watching that. ;)

They have a Starbucks there and I had a new frappucino thing called Pumpkin Spice, it was amazingly nice. Wow, that rhymes. We also left our car with the car washing people and while we wandered round the shopping centre it got cleaned w00t that is wicked, definately going to do that again.

On the way back we stopped at this spot of beach near Gerringong and the sand was truly golden and warm and beautiful. I took off my flippy shoes and we went for a walk on it.

The music was great today, plenty of Nirvana and Metallica and Lukas and Toby, much singing along was done. I’m going to take some of the rest of the day off, maybe even all of it, even though I have a lot of baiting work to do. I’m here alone tomorrow and Sunday so I’ll work while the other half is at work.

We were looking for music dvd’s but didn’t really find what we were looking for. The music store was playing Marcia Hines new cd Discotheque and it was actually quite nice, I almost bought it but the other half grabbed it out of my hand and said he didn’t want to encourage her. Fair enough I guess.. :) That doesn’t mean I can’t buy it when he’s not there.. hehe

Oh back to the title of this post. The great thing about summer is the crickets. I love to go to sleep hearing that comforting chirp. Last year I had crickets outside my window but they haven’t come back yet ;( Hopefully soon. The bad thing about summer is people not wearing enough clothes. Because this is a holiday destination, you’ll see more ass crack at the local Mcdonalds in the carpark than you ever want to see in your lifetime.

As we were driving out of town today there was a fire in the middle of the road. Someone must have dropped a cigarette and it set the median nature strip on fire! ;( I’m always worried my Dad is going to set fire to things, and I wanted to buy these to stop him from doing it. I figure 72 of them is a pretty good deal, and if they’re everywhere there’s a good chance he’ll use them. But of course now they are sold out! ;(

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