Offensive Caterwauling

Most female singers are ok, you can tolerate them while you’re grocery shopping, many of them don’t even intrude on your consciousness. However there is one female singer who I find extremely irritating not to mention offensive.

We like to go shopping late, once all the people are out of the way. So on Friday night we left here at 8:21 (yes I noted the time cos we were running late) and went to Woolworths which closes at 9. We got a nice $4 roast chicken – bargain! – and had almost completed our shopping. I was standing in front of the desserts cabinet contemplating a special on apple crumble when the most horrific caterwauling broke into my train of thought.

It was Anastacia and the track was the most offensive of all Anastacia songs in my opinion – it was “Paid my dues”. The other songs, I can almost tolerate but this song is one of the worst examples of female singing. Ever. About 2:45 into the song, there is an offensive barrage of very annoying shouting which I guess she calls singing.

Not even Mariah Carey and her stupid high pitched screaming can come close to this song on the scale of annoying – and Mariah rates quite high on the scale of annoying.

As far as the woman herself is concerned, good on her for battling cancer, she’s probably a really lovely person, I’m not a fan of the glasses or the singing but to each their own and if people like it they can play it in their own cars and in their own houses, that’s fine, but for Christ’s sake do not play this music in the supermarket when people are trying to shop! Especially not that song.

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One thought on “Offensive Caterwauling

  1. Yeah, I didn’t care much for that song either. I didn’t like the message it was sending…

    That’s interesting about Australian TV. It’s disturbing to see how much American crap is exported all over the world.



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