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Yay, the server is back up. So yesterday I spent a little time going through the mp3 files we have, and I have made a playlist. My recent track listings from mainly consisted of Nirvana for the last couple of weeks, that was really the only music I had available to me, though I do love them plenty, it’s not the only thing I listen to. Over the next two weeks this should change significantly.

I find that music tends to keep me sane and happy, so I like to listen to plenty of it. The darkest times in my life have always seemed to be when I stopped listening to any music at all.

So my plan for today is play music, and read scammer emails. I’m gonna post a bunch of them to the scambaiter blog so make sure to check it out ;) And YAY for Bon Jovi, and Kylie Minogue, and Robbie Williams, and A-ha, and Guns and Roses, and INXS, and Silverchair, and U2, and Metallica, and Nirvana!

My signature on Scambaits always contains some song lyrics and I’m sure I’ll come across some new ones today, I like to change them often because what I am thinking and listening to often changes. ;)

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