Yeah I know

I’m blogging like there’s no tomorrow today ;)

If you look in my side bar down a little bit, you’ll see last week’s stats on what I have been listening to. I seem to be overdosing on Nirvana a little. However there is a reasonable explanation. 1. I am addicted to their music right now and can’t stop playing it. 2. The network box has been down for a few days and the only music on my playlist I could actually play was Nirvana.

New bits for the server box have been ordered and are on the way so soon the Linux server will be back up and this means reliable music playing 24/7 so things will get different then.

The track which I expect will go to the top of my playlist with a bullet next week is the one I am listening to now – t.A.T.u – 30 Minutes – lastfm is excellent, I really love it, whose idea was that again? I can’t remember who told me about it now.. If you don’t use you should be using it. Seriously. You can either use it with your winamp type program or listen via their streaming or something. Check it out here.

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