Are we on the same page?

I don’t usually blog much about the Other Half, but I thought I would mention this little incident that occured. To make it easier lets call him OH.

First I need to explain a little about the water here. There’s sometimes something very wrong with it. In my bathroom the sink sometimes gets pink or yellow mould and sometimes both, which is scary. I rang the water people and they did not seem to know anything about this but speaking to people who live in this estate, they all have the same issue but it’s not until you ask them and let them know everyone else you’ve spoken to who lives around here also has the strange mould that they start to think it might be something unusual or maybe even bad. So I have just decided to avoid drinking it.

I caught OH filling up a container with tap water and I asked him what he was going to do with it.
OH – “Fill up the coffee machine”
Me – “Excuse me? Are we on the same page here? We don’t use tap water in the coffee machine, you know that”
OH – “I don’t really think it matters”
Me – {head explosion}

For the most part, he’s pretty good though. It’s just little slip ups like this which get him into trouble.. :)

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