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Yes, the quest to have the world’s longest sidebar continues.. we now have a lovely clock, and more planes.

It’s too windy to go outside and dead spiders, so instead a few little chores round the house and an afternoon listening to music and trying to clear the massive backlog of emails is on the cards. You can see the results of the mail reading here later today when I get around to putting it there but in the meantime there’s the results of mail reading from Sunday there at the moment..

I tell you, nothing gets me laughing like these scammer emails.. it’s hilarious stuff! Here’s a random one – after 18 emails back and forward he says –

  • We Knows The Serious Contender Who Are Financially Capable To Help. You Are Not Trusthworthy,And I can Proceed With You If You Are Ready To Come For The Signing Of The Release Order Documents In Accra Ghana.

Perhaps We Should All Use Capital Letters For Every Word We Write Too?

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