Picnic At Hanging Rock

I’m just a bit excited to see this but not for the reasons one might suspect. Sure, I love a costume drama probably more than most people, but that is not why I want to see this.

I have not read the book or seen the original movie and I have no idea what the plot of this is though I think I have gathered some clues.

I want to see this purely because this new 6 part miniseries Picnic at Hanging Rock involves a location I am a bit crazy about – Werribee Mansion. I have never been there myself in person but I have been there forever thanks to one of my all time favourite movies which used this as a filming location – The Pirate Movie.

The mansion looks amazing in the trailer, it makes me want to plan a trip to visit. And one can actually stay there.

I love the song they have used for the trailer, too – it is Confide In Me which was originally performed by Kylie Minogue. I prefer the Kylie version.

The first episode of Picnic At Hanging Rock airs this Sunday on Showcase.

While on the subject of trailers for shows using great music, did you see this one for WestWorld? What a gorgeous piece of music arranged so beautifully, it makes my hair stand on end.

Do you recognise the song?

As an Aspie, I have a bit of a problem recognising music, especially when it has been used for a specific thing previously. The ABC loves to throw pieces of music from other TV shows – like Dexter and Mr Robot – into shows like Four Corners and Australian Story. They use one particular piece from Breaking Bad quite often but I can only ever see one set of images when I hear it, and the images look like this –

For those who have seen Breaking Bad, you know the significance of that moment and what is about to happen. So you can understand how disconcerting it is to be watching a documentary and have that music thrown randomly into it.

If you haven’t seen it by now you probably won’t, but I am firmly of the opinion that you should. I believe it is a great show, so much so I wrote a whole blog about it.

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4 thoughts on “Picnic At Hanging Rock

  1. I saw Werribbee Mansion many years ago and it is very nice. I expect much restoration has happened in the interim. It has a stunning rose garden and is next to Werribbee Zoo. Having read the book, and the later supplement, and seen the movie, and read a biography of the author, I think I know Picnic well enough. Oh yes, and visited Hanging Rock. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it. I wasn’t sure which Kylie song that is, but as soon as I heard it, I knew. Great music.

  2. Breaking Bad: amazing! The music connections would be very unsettling. And that Kylie Minogue song is an interesting choice for such a period series. I’ll have to watch for Hanging Rock.

  3. “Picnic at Hanging Rock” (the original) is in my Top Ten Favorite Movies list, so I will be excited to see this version if it ever comes our way.

  4. I really want to see Picnic at Hanging Rock but I need to figure out a way to watch it. I’ve just added Werribee Park a place I want to visit, it looks beautiful! I live on the totally opposite side of Melbourne.
    Ohh! The Westworld song is an Instrumental version of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box! Sounds amazing!

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