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A new show is starting in the US this weekend and for once in our lives, we Aussies have seen this show before! It is a new version of a show that aired in Australia on Channel 10 in early 2014. The US version has Ryan Phillippe and Juliette Lewis.

I’m a bit of a secret Ryan Phillippe fan, he is one of the Men I Love To Watch. He was brilliant in Cruel Intentions and he was also fabulous in The Lincoln Lawyer.

You can see the US show on IMDB here, and the home page at ABC is here. The show airs in the US this coming Sunday March 1 at 9|8c – I am not sure if we will see the US version here in Australia on a tv channel at all, but those who have the means know where to look.

Here is the US trailer –

Here is the Australian trailer –

For the record, I quite liked the Australian version of the show until the final episode when they revealed who the killer was. I was not a fan of who the killer ended up being. I do hope the US version of the show changes who the murderer is, firstly to keep it fresh, and secondly because I feel like it should have been someone else.

I’m not going to say who the murderer was just in case the US show follows the Australian version exactly, but if you want to know – bearing in mind that info may or may not end up being a spoiler for the US show – you can read more here. You can also see the Australian cast on IMDB here.

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  1. I’ve marked my calendar so I’ll make sure I catch this. I had watched “BroadChurch” on BBC America and loved it. Then they came out with an american version “Gracepoint” it just didn’t have the same appeal. I don’t know if it was because I already knew the story line and who the killer was or if it just wasn’t as believable as the original. David Tennant also played the same character in both versions, I had wanted to like it but it just fell flat. I think something was lost in the translation..

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