Just What Is David Archuleta Up To?

I’ve been watching American Idol this year, and I’ve noticed something strange going on. A couple of weeks ago David Archuleta made a very strange song choice. He sang “You’re The Voice” by John Farnham. The theme for the show that week was “songs from the year of your birth” and that song had been re-released in the US in 1990, but it was never a big hit there. The judges really had a go at him for choosing such an unknown song – and surprisingly Paula Abdul had a go at him for choosing a song written by an Australian rather than an American. Whoa, way to get Australians ready to throw stuff at you, Paula. ;)

Those of you who are Australian Idol fans will recall a man with a funny hairstyle and the voice of an Angel by the name of Guy Sebastian who performed You’re The Voice on Idol and went on to win the series.

By itself that looks like just a mere coincidence. But on this week’s Idol, David Archuleta performed another song which was never a hit in the US (though it should have been) and is not well known in the US by the name of Angels. Would it surprise anyone to know that this song was performed on Australian Idol by a very dramatic young man who performed like he just got out of the Johnny Young Talent Show by the name of Anthony Callea – who *almost* won season two of Idol.

I prefer David’s version of the song to Anthony’s. In fact this is one of the first times someone has done a Robbie Williams song proper justice on any of the Idol shows.

David is pretty to look at, and he can sing. The teenage girls are crazy about him – and they vote! He’ll probably win, as long as he doesn’t decide to perform Rock DJ or something wacko like that.. :) I prefer him to any of the other contestants on the show.

So, is it just a coincidence, or is someone watching clips on youtube from Australian Idol when making song choices? I’ll leave that up to you. I just thought someone should mention it.. ;)

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5 thoughts on “Just What Is David Archuleta Up To?

  1. David was good, but I can’t go past Anthony Callea’s version from 4 years ago on Oz Idol, I just love his voice.

    Good luck to David though, I’m pretty sure he will win or at least runner up.

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