A serious announcement

For those of you reading this blog who are not already aware, I have made a decision some time ago not to breed – I’m not having kids. Why, you ask?

  • I was in the room when my second nephew was born and what I saw happen was extremely scary.
  • My arm still has the bruise from where my sister dug her fingers in during transition.
  • My sister has been breeding quite well – 3 kids already and she’s not yet 30.
  • Perhaps I can convince her to have another one then she can give two to me?
  • The Other Half and I hate being places where kids are allowed to run amok.
  • The Other Half and I would rather work weekends because that means weekdays are generally kid free wherever we choose to go.
  • I cannot STAND anything icky, gooey or not 100% clean.
  • This means I would turn any offspring into a germophobe.
  • I have two cats, these are my babies.
  • So much so that I printed out nice wallet size pictures of them, had them laminated and gave them to my Mum so she can show strangers her grand kids.
  • My sister once let me babysit. She said she would be back in two hours.
  • For two hours I was scared. At two hours and one minute, I was terrified. At three hours and still no sign of her I was ready to pack my belongings and run far, far away. At four hours, I was desperately calling her mobile. Help! HELP NOW!
  • The only reason I survived those four hours was because the other half did most of the baby sitting.
  • Babies become eerily calm in his presence.
  • If I bred, I would have to give my baby to him and go to work while he raised it to four years, at which stage I would be happy to take over as you can have a rational conversation with a four year old. Sometimes.
  • I’m honest enough with myself to say I am just too darned selfish to be a mother. I don’t have that mothering bone at all. But, I do love my cats. And my nephews and new niece, as long as I can give them back after a few hours.

I made this decision some years ago (my second nephew is now 5) and I am still feeling ok with it. I don’t think I am going to freak out as my biological clock ticks closer to stopping entirely. But, ask me in 9 years when I will be almost 40, and I’ll let you know if that is still the case. ;)

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  1. Definitely with you on the no kids thing. I kind of went through the same thought process.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the link. Great blog including your sidebar (I have this thing for sidebar stuff) and graphic at the top. Keep up the great work!

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