Oh my god..

It’s much worse than I suspected.. Britney flashes the entire world for a second time, and this time you get at least as good a view as K-fed ever did. Ouch, did I just type that out loud?

I just can’t believe she would do this. WHY Britney, WHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY? You wore Mickey Mouse ears. You were a pop sensation. You had it all. Now you have two kids, no lowlife scumbag husband hanging off you spending all your money and shagging every girl in sight, you had every chance of getting back to the good life, but you choose to hang out with Ms I’m Famous For No Good Reason Paris, and Miss The Next Elizabeth Taylor Minus The Class Factor.

These people are not your friends, and you should not be flashing your crotch at the world.

In other news, a slight scare in the enormous evil creature area. Anyone who said cockroaches would survive nuclear war clearly have not met my cats. While I was jumping around screaming and generally freaking out, they saved me, again.. ;)


Yay Kitties! See, pussys can be used for something OTHER than evil! ;)

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5 thoughts on “Oh my god..

  1. OMFG! That bug is HUGE! What kind of freakish cockroaches are you growing down there?!? I would get at least three more cats if that’s what you have to worry about crawling around your house.

    word ver: qcrwl

  2. damn, I thought the Britney story was scary – until I saw the cockroach!! thank god for cats. that’s all there is to it. ugh. extra kibble all around tonight!

  3. How hard is it to remember underwear for god’s sake? I can see it now “Historians recall that 2006 was the year that many young female figures of popular culture started the trend of showing us their vulva whilst exiting from limosines”

    And the C-section scar is showing too. Classy.

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