Oh dear.. Kanye West, what are you thinking?

If the following image makes you laugh hysterically until you are unable to remain on your chair, I apologise. It had the same effect on me. I laughed until it hurt. Kanye, Kanye, Kanye! What the? Seriously, what were you thinking? Did you look in a mirror before leaving the house?


Kanye, you’re a fine looking guy. Some would even say hot, perhaps. The sight of you dancing around on stage makes the ladies temperature rise. That’s a good thing.

However, making the ladies laugh because you are wearing something so amazingly.. odd. That’s not a good thing. Making your entourage wear it too, so you don’t look quite so silly, that’s completely uncool!

These “sunglasses” completely miss the real purpose of sunglasses. They won’t protect your eyes from the harsh sun. How can you even see through them? Worse still, how can the ladies see your fine eyes?

Please Kanye, I’m begging you. Take these sunglasses and throw them in the nearest dumpster. Or better yet, sign them and sell them on Ebay, where a fan can pay insane amounts of money for them, and you can donate the proceeds to charity.

Readers, have you any thoughts on this photo? Leave them in the comments, I’d like to know if this made ya’all laugh as much as I did. ;)

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10 thoughts on “Oh dear.. Kanye West, what are you thinking?

  1. I started seeing them in the 80’s. I believe Public Enemy was wearing them. A lot of the things they did got them a lot of attention because it was so odd.

    I’m sure Kanye will get a lot of attention simply by wearing these odd glasses.

  2. I think I am the minority. I don’t find Kanye attractive in the slightest. I honestly have no idea why though. I just always thought of him as not.

    Anyways…that photo did make me laugh. It is great. LOL….

    I love the blinds comment from sephyroth too. Oh my goodness…ha

  3. Sephy – that is a classic comment. :) Love your work!

    River – completely fugly :)

    Opal – Oh the 80’s. I have mentally blocked out the 80’s. ;) but I believe fashion is taking us back there.. I’m saying NO to it! And yeah he is getting quite a bit of attention for it around the celeb sites.

    Daisy – it’s not something we would find in your closet, you have much better taste than that! ;)

    Jennifer – I find him fairly egotistical personally, but I can’t deny he is hot, having seen him perform on stage a few times on TV. He has a lot more charisma than someone like eminem. But I am in love with 50 cent, so.. ;) I have odd taste when it comes to rappers.

    Cugat – I’d forgotten about Flava Flav ;)

    Liv – Totally silly! I just can’t work out what he was thinking.. ;)

    Emily – I laughed so hard, and it was a reminder to me never to read the internet with a mouthful of something.. ;) I almost choked on a cookie!

    RC – Thanks for dropping by. I’m not really into tennis myself. But I won’t delete your comment for being spam, as your site seems to be legit.

    Thanks everyone for dropping by and leaving a comment, sorry it took me a little while to get back on these, it’s been a crazy few days.


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