Beyonce – Women we love to watch.

I realised recently that I was being a bit.. sexist.. here on Life in the country, because I did not have any posts titled women we love to watch. So I think it is high time we did. There’s quite a few women I can’t take my eyes off, and Beyonce is one of them.

Now, I bring to you the wonderful delights of Beyonce. ;) Including Beyonce in a Bikini, especially for the guys reading this blog. I hope you enjoy it, if you do leave a comment and I’ll do more of these types of posts. ;)

She takes fashion risks often – but she really can wear almost anything and look great in it.


She has a love for fishnet stockings, especially on stage.


She seems to like to use her laptop in rather odd places. Now that’s really wireless – and great advertising for Apple!



Beyonce has arrived and departed from many airports. I actually saw her at the Adelaide Airport some years ago. She’s really short, even with incredibly high heels on. What was surprising was the amount of luggage that the entourage van collected long after the entourage had departed the airport. I’ve never seen so many bags, however they weren’t all for her, Destiny’s Child was on tour.


You wouldn’t want to be the person the bodyguard is looking at like that, I think. ;)


JayZ is looking pretty good these days, too. ;)


But not quite as good as Beyonce looks. She is gorgeous.




>My favourite song by Beyonce is Crazy In Love, which is old school Beyonce and has a brilliant video clip, in my opinion.

If you liked this post, make a comment. :) If I get enough comments, I might do a similar post for Kylie Minogue and a few of my other favourite ladies soon..

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