Buy these girls some taste?


She’s been seen >*in* her underw3ar

And she’s been seen without it so many times that it’s impossible to find on the internet now, searching for the pictures gets you – 1 – 10 of about 972,000 results, all of which mention the photos but nobody puts them anywhere, probably because people want to keep their lunch on the inside. Trust me, there’s plenty of Paris nak3d cr0tch shots. Thank me for not giving you links to them ;)


The first time could have been a mistake. The second time looks like carelessness. The third time was sheer stupidity, in more ways than one, because her stylist figures – if she’s wearing leggings, maybe nobody can tell if she’s not wearing underw3ar.

However, the stylist forgot to check if the leggings were not see through. Fortunately for us we did not see any cr0tch shots but the pics were still pretty ugly

I am still trying to work out who the heck this chick is, and what she has to do with anything, and why she’s famous at all. Apparently she’s been in some movies. I have not seen any of them, thank god for that. But clearly she’s good papparazzi fodder. Girl, put some f*cking underw3ar on, we don’t want or need to see your ugly cr0tch!


Then Britney was hanging around with Paris a bit too much, and oops! She made every teenage boy who’s fantasised about her wonder why the heck they ever cared. Britney, you have two children, and I guarantee you this will haunt them all their life. This is pure nastiness.

And now, the really bad news.. ;( All three of these chicks are hanging together now.


Deities, please save us from a future generation of underw3ar-less women (or even worse, underw3ar less teenage girls) and make these women have a major fall out, at which time they regain their brains and put on underwear again?

I’ve edited this post to make it harder for search engines to pick up, but it may be too late. :(

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3 thoughts on “Buy these girls some taste?

  1. This is a finely crafted post: snarky anti-celebrity content, with references and *links* to fun stuff like underwear (or lack of?), crotches etc. As a reader I get to appreciate your humor and have the option of seeing the points illustrated via links. To me this is better than the alternate approach of including copies of said pictures in the post.

    My happily non-scorched retinas, sensibilities, and funny bone all say “thank you.”

    Also, regarding Ms. Lohan’s movies – I thought Freaky Friday was pretty good. Lindsay Lohan had an “okay” performance, but Jamie Lee Curtis and company took up the slack; the end result exceeded my admittedly low expectations.

  2. Radioactive Jam – Thank you! ;) And yes, I was nice not to burn out your retinas. :) Jamie Lee Curtis makes almost anything better ;)

    Anna, my dear, let me explain it to you like this. You know how smokers dump their cigarette butts everywhere, and people say to them “The world is not an ashtray”? Well, the world is not a strip club, either. :)

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