I have cookies.. :)

We went for a drive to the big shopping centre about 50kms away. It was a nice day out. I took a few little pictures too.


Some months ago we discovered something new when out driving. I’m not sure what it is supposed to be – the other half says it is a u turn bay, but there’s no signs suggesting that. It’s just in the middle of nowhere, too. I personally suspect it may be an Alien Landing Site and if we go there at – as my nephew used to call it – “Dark Time” we might find bright lights and be beamed up into the night sky.


Around here, there seems to be an odd way of going about fixing the roads. When something is wrong, they just seem to lay more asphalt on top of the road in a bizzare hope that this will fix the problem. This means you often find roads that look really nice for a few weeks, then the large trucks driving on them every day, the traffic, and other wear and tear, has an effect which makes it highly dangerous again. I do not think this is what the NRMA has in mind when they say fix our bloody roads.


This is the other end of Werri Beach which has appeared here before. :) There’s another shot of it on my upload for today of the 365 photo blog, which I am now up to date on ;) yay! And it’s even better because we haven’t officially started yet. I’m just kind of in training, getting the modalities in place. ;)

The beaches around here sure look nice, and if I weren’t so terrified of sharks and various other sea creatures, I might be tempted to go for a swim. But I am terrified of sharks and other sea creatures, so I think not, at the moment. I’d like to go snorkelling when it gets hot this year, maybe, on a netted beach a couple of hours south I have heard of.

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5 thoughts on “I have cookies.. :)

  1. Okay, that settles it. I’m coming to visit, and we’re staking out the Alien Landing Site. :P

    Oh, and I suppose you could twist my arm into going by that beach. Maybe :)

  2. Snoskred,

    The chances of being harmed by sharks and other sea creatures are (I promise) very low.

    I know, I know, I’ve seen “Jaws”, I know what goes on.

    But if Mr Fix could survive snorkelling while they were BURLEYING THE WATER FIFTY METRES AWAY…I think you’re pretty safe.

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