Allowed VS Aloud Part 2

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Perhaps you have noticed our Fail Whale art has taken an angry turn. That is because the following post makes me see red. Allow me to rage momentarily..


So, you got a kitten and loved it all through the cute kitten stage, and now you are going to turn the life of this poor kitty completely upside down, take it away from the home it knows and send it.. who knows where as long as they pay you $200.

Perhaps you were not *allowed* a cat to begin with and now you have been found out, the poor cat is the one who has to suffer.

I wish the best to the poor kitty. I truly hope you found a home in which you will be loved the way you deserve.

To the owner, I wish you never, ever have another pet. Plus, I wish some other bad things for you which cannot be printed out loud on the inter webs or even spoken *aloud* in the world. :( Typing Aloud instead of Allowed is the least of the bads you have done here.

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One thought on “Allowed VS Aloud Part 2

  1. Shame on her/him. A kitten is fun for sure, but a grown cat becomes a companion.
    I rescued a kitten at about 3.5 months and he was so much fun. Apart from the claws and slashing of hands. He is 7 months now, has tripled in size and is still fun, sometimes drives me bananas with his miaowing, but he is exhibiting more cat behaviour now, sleeping in the best spot in the house, jumping onto the table for cuddles, mostly off doing his own thing until he gets hungry. He’s a joy to have around, (when he isn’t misbehaving) and 5 years from now he will be a welcome companion still. :)

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