Sunday Selections Week 26


This week we will revisit a little area in my house, which I have made a small change to recently. You’ve seen this area before in these posts – my paper weight where I showed you this cabinet was damaged on the top – Before and After where I added a table runner I had recently rediscovered to the top.


River commented on that post that she preferred the area without the table runner and I have to say I did agree with her. I had just wanted to hide that damaged section and the table runner was available, but I did want to buy a piece of material in a lighter colour – perhaps white, I thought – to cover the damage.


We had gone to visit Candleberries in Berry and we each got a large new candle, and on the way home I suggested we stop in at Spotlight to pick up some material. I spoke with the other half about a piece of white velvet or velour, and he said white would not be a good choice, I’d be forever washing it. So we ended up deciding on silver. I think it turned out pretty well. :) It almost looks like molten silver.


Would you like to join in? The rules are very simple:-
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Weekly Wrap Up –

What an amazing week it has been for those who believe in love, with the US Supreme Court ruling that it is legal for all Americans, no matter their gender or sexual orientation, to marry the people they love. I will hope that Australia will follow suit sooner than later. If you did not read the ruling, you should make sure to read this one part of it – The Beautiful Closing Paragraph of Justice Kennedy’s Gay Marriage Ruling.

Here at home, I’ve still been recovering from this cold and with the ditch digger arriving I lost all track of time and forgot to schedule todays post as a surprise to myself. I had most of it written, because I write it during the week as I find links I like.

Posts Snoskred Enjoyed –

How Death and Dying Changed My Perspective on LGBT Rights – This was always my biggest reason why marriage should be legal for same-sex couples – this, and the situations where life partners were essentially locked out of making health decisions for their loved ones, on occasion being replaced by family members who had disowned their gay family member years before and who would have zero idea of the health wishes of that gay family member.

Jaws at 40: Steven Spielberg on the blockbuster that made him — and nearly ruined him – This was an interesting read.

The Likely Political Consequences of Proposed Changes to the Senate’s Electoral System – If you have read here for a while you know I am an enormous Antony Green fan. This post was fascinatory to me, especially after having worked elections.

Table Setting – You know I am a big fan of cobalt blue, so I deeply love this table setting. :)

Brodsworth Hall gardens – Some beauty to brighten your day. :)

Cute Coot – I love the first picture with the Coot on the nest. ;) Plus also, baby swans! Swanning About

Here On The Blog –

We kicked off the week with Sunday Selections Week 25

We went back in time a little with Art Time Travel.

We checked in on Carter – Carter & Happy – WW, plus I told you about my Improbable Kitty.

Anxiety Level: High – A ditch digger arrived. And thus we now have a leaking (sewer?) pipe. But it totally wasn’t The Other Half’s fault – we could tell it has been leaking for some time. This might explain a weird noise we get in the pipes when it rains..

Blog Spotlight –

Each week, I will link to a blog I am reading to shine a spotlight on it and tell you what I like about it. This week –

Engrish – A site that never fails to put a smile on my dial, especially now that I have a Chinese Aunt.

Past Snoskred –

Picture Blog Today – A couple of kitty photos on my 15th post on the blog.

Coming Up –

I’ll let this week come to you as a surprise! ;) But you will see the June New Feeds post this week as it is almost the end of June.

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